Eve A. Bear
Polymer clay sculpture, painted in oil, on sugar maple wood base Photograph of a lonely tulip among ferns George Harrison, pastel exercise, from a photograph by John Kelly
Plein air oil painting of some fuchsias The last giant, soft pastel Photograph of an ant and pansy flowers
Graphite drawing of an ox from a photo found in a book Portal from otter space, sculpture in monster clay, WIP Oil painting, work in progress
Skull from life, oil painting in 2 layers ink drawing of a hyena from a book

About Me

I am half-bear, half-human and like everyone else, stardust. I was searching for my passion until I realized that curiosity is my fuel. To stay alive, I must search, experiment... There is a term that can define my path which is EXPLORER and which gives me the right to be who I am! In my creations, however, there are recurring themes such as nature and philosophy, so flowers, insects, fantasy and science fiction are my favorite subjects.

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